Our Team

JP Media’s growing team comes from all walks of life. We have a highly skilled team of communication professionals, designers, developers and even an ex-method actress! JP Media’s philosophy is simple – match the personalities of client and team member, and guarantee that one of our directors will be there from a project’s inception to completion.

Patrick Anderson

Managing Director

“Hard decisions are made by picking the best option and backing yourself in. I’m determined to create effective communication strategies for lasting results.”

Patrick is a co-founder of JP Media who oversees the agency’s strategy and operations. He has 20 years experience in the industry and is instrumental in the creation of multi-tiered marketing and communication strategies, partnership structures and goals. He is an avid surfer and family man with one young son and twin baby girls. Patrick is keen on any kind of sport, renovating, guitars and well…any hobby he can find.

Jassa Amir-Lang

Digital Director

“My passion is building beautiful, functional products. I pride myself on finding the creative edge and a determined ability to deliver.”

Jassa is a master of complex digital platforms for high-profile brands and organisations around Australia. He has more than 15 years of experience working across all areas of the digital landscape. From apps to web development to e-commerce platforms, he is arguably one of the savviest technical operators in the country. Jassa is a mad keen surfer and spends his weekends scouring the coast for waves and is already encouraging his young son to surf.

Sarita Joshi


“With every line of code, I strive to make user-centric, high-impact and responsive websites which are easy to maintain.”

Sarita has almost a decade of experience in building, testing, publishing and maintaining software and websites for a variety of industries and clients. As an intrinsic part of JP Media’s tech team she crafts engaging and functional websites. She enjoys spending time with her family and loves growing organic herbs and veggies in her home garden.

Josh Millard

Digital Manager

“I have a passion for problem solving and love finding the right technical solution to solve complex issues.”

Josh has more than 15 years experience developing large scale websites and mobile applications for high profile brands and government agencies. As the lead developer at JP Media, Josh ensures the client’s vision is brought to reality on time and on budget. In his spare time Josh loves cooking up a storm in the kitchen, camping and playing soccer.

Matthew Kavanagh


“It is what it is!”

Matt began his creative journey in 3D animation and illustration. His left of field thinking and eye for detail has led to many great outcomes in logo and branding projects. His illustrative background has helped many brands boost communication through creative engagement. Matt loves wearing activewear and weird fitness shoes to work when possible.

Tess Ryan

Business Manager

“Life’s too short to eat bad food and drink bad wine!”

Tess has spent more than 25 years working in Business Management roles initiating new operational procedures and streamlining processes to better suit an organisation’s aims and vision. She leads teams by example and provides a strong work ethic to deliver business directives that meet the company’s strategic goals. Tess is an avid Sydney Swans supporter and loves spending time with her family and dog, the beach and a good red wine!


Lauren Ralph

Senior Account Manager

“Be genuine, build trust, lead with support and bring a positive energy to everything you do.”

Lauren is an experienced public relations and communications professional. With more than 13 years in the industry, she has worked alongside many leading South Australian companies and brands, helping to share their stories, boost their profiles, and strengthen their reputations. Her communication skills and media relationships honed over many years has generated exceptional results for clients on local and national levels. Lauren loves spending time in foreign countries and brunch dates.

Alex Durward


“Communication is the key to everything.”

Alex started her professional PR, communications and digital career over a year ago. She has worked with a number of clients across varying industries including aged care, the arts, council and retail, undertaking a range of digital and communication activities to build awareness, reach new audiences and help grow their brands. In her spare time Alex loves to travel and bake. She also enjoys a good Netflix series with a glass of Riesling in hand.

Daniel Crago

General Manager

“To improve is to change, so why not change often.”

Daniel has been working in the customer experience industry for the past 20 years. He has worked with companies across a range of industries to help them better understand their customers, structure their businesses to facilitate this and understand the importance of their staff in this journey. Daniel brings strategic vision, innovation and customer focus to JP Media, always looking to challenge the status quo. When he gets time on his own, he is either; cycling, brewing beer, appreciating food, wine or whiskey.

Jordan Byrne


“Be both a dreamer and a doer.”

Jordan recently graduated from University and commenced her professional PR and communications career this year with JP Media. With degrees in Journalism and Professional Writing, and English and Creative Writing, she is an imaginative thinker who utilises her extensive communication skills to bring her work to life across digital and traditional communication channels alike. Jordan is an adventure seeker who loves to travel, spend time with loved ones and read on the beach.

Natalie Farinola


“The harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it.”

A dedicated media professional, Natalie has 13 years of journalism experience working for a global news company. Throughout her career, she has told the stories of many individuals, interviewed artists and celebrities and reported on local events. When Natalie isn’t reading books, going on an adventure or colouring in with her two little girls and hubby, she loves a good coffee, having a laugh and going to the beach.

Fabian Mathews


“Give me an idea and a sketch and I’ll give you an app or a website”

Fabian has been programming since he was 10 years old and has experience working with the video games industry, desktop software and web development. He loves to be involved in all aspects of development ranging from front end to the back end so there is no mystery as to how the software is functioning, as well as researching and using the latest technologies. In his spare time. Fabian enjoys spending time with his family and watching a good Netflix show.

Caitlin Slater


“The universe already has a plan, so just enjoy the ride”

Caitlin has been working in PR, events and marketing for the past three years. She has worked with local, national and international brands across the community, arts, FMCG, luxury and corporate sectors, leading PR and digital campaigns to achieve client objectives. She graduated with a bachelor of Marketing and Communications from UniSA in 2018. Caitlin loves horror movies and Mexican food. She is known for never shying away from a karaoke bar on a night out.